5th Season

#1 Someone's in the Kitchen with Reggie
#2 Do the Right Thing
#3 L.A. Woman
#4 And the Heartbeat Goes On
#5 The Grand Gesture
#6 The 100th
#7 Papa Does Preach
#8 Atlas Shirked
#9 Blind Injustice
#10 Chris-Mess
#11 Once Upon a Time
#12 Bad to the Bone
#13 I've Got Friends I Haven't Used Yet
#14 The Pain in the Neck
#15 Nightmare on Becker Street
#16 The Job
#17 Thank You for Not Smoking
#18 Amanda Moves Out
#19 Ms. Fortune
#20 Mr. and Ms. Conception
#21 Chris's Ex
#22 Daydream Believer

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#1 Someone's in the Kitchen with Reggie: Aired Sunday, October 6, 2002

Becker spends the night with Reggie and tells Chris that they can't be together because of it. Meanwhile, Jake spreads the news after busting Becker coming out of Reggie's apartment. Becker has second thoughts and after a conversation with Linda about following your heart, decides to dump Reggie and be with Chris. Before Becker can dump Reggie, he gets a message from her saying that she realized she hit rock bottom when she slept with him and has decided to leave town. Becker goes to Chris and tells her he changed his mind, and she's ready to be with him too until she finds out that Reggie lost town and she assumes she's some sort of consolation prize. Linda argues with Margaret over what the term "next Thursday" means.

#2 Do the Right Thing: Aired Sunday, October 13, 2002

Becker is frustrated when Chris freezes him out and won't believe that he really decided to be with her before finding out that Reggie was leaving town. Jake finds out that Reggie is bumming around Europe with some old modeling friends and he and Bob decide to do the same thing, but they chicken out at the last minute. Margaret and Linda are baffled by a patient who acts familiar, but they can't remember his name.

#3 L.A. Woman: Aired Sunday, October 20, 2002

Becker and Chris have a neighborly feud with smoke and noise to get out their aggressions towards each other. It's particularly embarassing that it's Bob that has to knock some sense into them. Linda meets a cute guy and decides she would seem more interesting if she were from Los Angeles, so she lies and tells him she's a commodity broker from L.A. Linda goes all-out for her lie, even buying a fake ticket to L.A., but her plan goes awry when her new beau surprises her by joining her on the flight. Jake and Amanda redecorate their apartment, but Jake finds out that Amanda is lying to him about the colors and patterns, and is making the apartment much girlier than he'd like.

#4 And the Heartbeat Goes On: Aired Sunday, October 27, 2002

A grumpy patient who has been diagnosed as terminal insists that Becker visit him in his Staten Island hospital every night. Bob accidentally sees Chris naked in her apartment and is surprised when she's mostly upset because he didn't brag about what a great body she has. Linda starts wearing glasses as an accessory, but then finds out that they're not "in" anymore so she gets fake laser surgery.

#5 The Grand Gesture: Aired Sunday, November 3, 2002

Linda tortures a patient into telling her where she got her cool shoes. Becker tries to trick Chris into coming over to his place to watch a movie, but she goes out on a date with someone else instead. Becker then makes a grand gesture and invites Chris out for real, but she still flatly turns him down. Becker's grand gesture gets Chris fired at work, so she takes over Reggie's diner. Bob keeps telling Jake about nasty things he finds in his apartment building.

#6 The 100th: Aired Sunday, November 10, 2002

Becker makes a friend, Tony, at a medical conference. When Tony meets Becker at the diner, he and Chris hit it off. When Tony and Chris later separately tell Becker they're interested in one another, Becker lies to each of them that the other is gay. Tony decides to set up Chris with his gay nurse, Sandy, and Becker busts in on the date, spinning more lies to get Sandy to leave while Chris is in the bathroom. Unfortunately, Sandy comes back to yell at Chris for cheating on her girlfriend that Becker made up, and Chris realizes what Becker has been up to. Chris yells at Becker for being immature and emotionally retarded, and Becker realizes he has been acting like an ass lately and promises never to bother Chris again. Bob decides that he and Jake are best friends, so he makes Jake his emergency contact, gets walkie-talkies so he and Jake can always talk to each other, and gets T-shirts with their faces on them for each of them to wear. Linda wins a radio contest when Margaret gives her the answer to a trivia question.

#7 Papa Does Preach: Aired Sunday, November 24, 2002

Becker treats a patient with multiple personalities, and Linda is attracted to him. Bob becomes a Big Brother to a ten-year-old and tries to educate him constantly instead of having fun with him. Jake and Chris spend so much time together at the diner that they start to get on each other's nerves.

#8 Atlas Shirked: Aired Sunday, December 1, 2002

Chris tries to be nice and help everyone out, but it seems to backfire. She makes a cheesecake for Margaret's visiting relatives, but Margaret accidentally drops it on the floor. She writes a letter for Jake to keep his girlfriend, Amanda, from leaving him, but he doesn't need it because they just have make-up sex instead. She agrees to take Linda's cousin out on the town so that Linda can go out with her boyfriend instead. The last straw is when Chris plans a funeral for an elderly woman's husband in the building, only to find out she actually planned a funeral for the woman's cat. Becker thinks he got ripped off when he orders an atlas from a student selling them door-to-door, and it never arrives, but it turned out that it was delivered the wrong apartment and actually caused the death of the cat. Bob decides to start planning his mother's funeral even though she's not even sick, but then she wants to get involved.

#9 Blind Injustice: Aired Sunday, December 8, 2002

Jake begins to believe that his blindness makes him less of a person. The feeling sets in after he allows a crook carrying cash from Chris's register to walk right past him and out of the diner. Jake even holds the door open for the thief. After Chris and John's attempts to cheer him have the reverse effect, John figures a hockey game may help take Jake's mind off of the matter. But while the two are at the game, Jake believes he hears the robber's voice---and he wants John to make a citizen's arrest. Margaret is sweet talked by a salesman who Becker warned her about.

Rating: 9.7/15

#10 Chris-Mess: Aired Sunday, December 15, 2002

Becker mentions that he's spending Christmas with his fabulous new girlfriend, Helen, and Jake and Chris are sure he must be making her up. When a bedraggled Chris, who has just been splashed by a cab and lost most of her groceries in the lobby of her apartment building, meets the beautiful Helen in the flesh, she finds herself making up a fake boyfriend that she'll be spending the holidays with so that she doesn't feel so pathetic compared to Becker. At the last minute, Becker cancels his plans to go to Vermont with Helen's family, realizing that he still has feelings for someone else. Linda is having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit when her whole family has plans that don't include her. The only way she can cheer up is to sing carols with Margaret and some members of Margaret's church, but her tone-deafness ruins the carols for everyone else. Bob beats up an old bully from high school that used to torment him, who is dressed as a Santa, but then Bob fears that every Santa on every corner could be after him.

#11 Once Upon a Time: Aired Sunday, January 5, 2003

On Margaret's ten-year anniversary working with Becker, she remembers how she first met Becker when his marriage was falling apart and he had just decided not to open his own practice. Margaret basically hired herself for him and opened his office against his protest. Margaret is surprised when Becker remembers their anniversary and thanks her for all her hard work. Bob hides from a tenant who wants his drain unclogged, then fixes the drain but floods the tenant's apartment. Bob is in fear for his life until he realizes that he knows the large man is a cross-dresser, and he realizes that he can blackmail all his tenants so that he won't have to do any work as a superintendant. Jake finds his old electronic keyboard in a box full of Reggie's old things that Chris digs up.

#12 Bad to the Bone: Aired Sunday, February 2, 2003

Becker and Margaret torture a 15-year-old patient who is having unprotected sex with multiple partners and sees nothing wrong with it. They scare him just enough about his test results that he thinks he might have an STD, and then tell him he's okay. He swears off sex... but takes the condoms that Becker got him just in case. Through a series of misunderstandings, Jake and Bob think that Becker and Chris are having sex, but Chris is going to dump Becker because he's bad in bed. Linda, with Chris, goes to see her new boyfriend's one-man show, which Chris hates but Linda thinks was great.

#13 I've Got Friends I Haven't Used Yet: Aired Sunday, February 9, 2003

Becker's old college roommate, Rick, comes to town, newly in AA and going to old friends to ask forgiveness for past sins. Rick tells Becker about a number of horrible things he did in the past, including stealing money, stealing Becker's senior thesis, sleeping with Becker's wife, and stealing Becker's heirloom pocket-watch. Becker is furious, but after some sage advice from Chris, he brings himself to forgive his old friend. However, when Becker later finds a prescription pad missing from his office, he thinks Rick stole it, and accuses his friend before he finds out that he simply misplaced it. After seeing a man his age die at the gym, Bob becomes obsessed with death. Linda thinks Margaret is having an affair when Margaret is just planning her husband's surprise birthday party with a friend.

#14 The Pain in the Neck: Aired Sunday, February 16, 2003

Becker is upset when one of his patients decides to stop getting treatment for his kidney stones, and instead relies on the power of prayer. Bob tries to get reparation from the government by proving that he's 1/64th Cherokee. Linda's long-distance relationship in which she pretends to be from Los Angeles becomes more complicated when her imaginary plane is fogged in at the Paris airport. Chris relies on her old skills as a travel agent to help Linda connect with her New York-based boyfriend in a convincing way.

#15 Nightmare on Becker Street: Aired Sunday, March 2, 2003

Becker is nice to an old lady in his apartment building, but is shocked when she is sexually attracted to him and stalks him. Luckily, Bob comes along and falls into the old woman's trap, distracting her from pursuing Becker. Linda tells her boyfriend Kevin the truth, that she lives in New York and not in Los Angeles as she told him. When she finds out that he knew the truth all along and has been dating other women while she was "in Los Angeles," she breaks up with him for being dishonest. The diner patrons are terrorized by a fly, but when Becker finally kills it they mourn its death.

#16 The Job: Aired Sunday, March 9, 2003

Fed up with his practice, Becker secretly applies for a job at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. His friends try to figure out what Becker is doing, and worry that he has a drug problem and is getting treatment at Johns Hopkins. After helping a man who was maltreated by many doctors before, Becker realizes that he is doing some good with his practice in the Bronx, and decides to stick around, even though he is offered the job at Johns Hopkins. Margaret tells Linda that she has a shopping problem and needs to freeze her assets, so Linda freezes her credit cards in a block of ice. Richards: Patrick Richwood. Patient: John Harrington Bland.

#17 Thank You for Not Smoking: Aired Sunday, March 16, 2003

When Chris bans smoking in the diner, Becker is miserable without his morning cigarette, but he soon realizes that this might be an opportunity for him to quit. When Jake finds himself wearing pants that aren't his but were on the chair in his bedroom, he assumes his girlfriend is cheating on him. When he accuses her, she tells him she just got the wrong pants from the dry-cleaners, but she's now really pissed that he didn't trust her. Linda convinces Becker to treat her friend's dog.

#18 Amanda Moves Out: Aired Sunday, March 30, 2003

Jake is down in the dumps when he learns that Amanda has not only been cheating on him for several months but she's now run off with her new boyfriend and all of Jake's furniture. Meanwhile, Becker's self righteous bragging about having quit smoking for the last two days falls on deaf ears as several of his friends seem to have bigger problems on their minds. Ms. Reynolds: Cathy DeBuono. Delivery Guy: John DiResta.

Rating: 6.2/9

#19 Ms. Fortune: Aired Sunday, April 6, 2003

A palm reader named Ruby reads Linda's palm and starts her on an investing spree that makes her turn her inheritance from her grandfather into a measly $50. When Becker's friends dare the skeptic doctorm to get his palm read, he worries after Ruby freaks out and runs from the room. He tries to figure out what she saw, but is unsuccessful. Finally, he sees Ruby again and she assures him she just realized she was late for something, and palm reading isn't serious anyway, so he shouldn't worry. Becker claims he wasn't worried anway, and leaves, reassured, but it's clear that Ruby sees some disastrous connection between him and Chris. She warns Chris to be careful, but doesn't say of what.

#20 Mr. and Ms. Conception: Aired Sunday, April 13, 2003

Becker gets frustrated when a childless couple who come to him for advice on getting pregnant misconstrue everything he says. Elsewhere, Chris flirts with a fire marshal to get out of a ticket, but Bob's attempt to charm a police officer who is about to write him up for jaywalking backfires.

#21 Chris's Ex: Aired Sunday, April 20, 2003

Becker gets jealous when Chris's all-too-friendly ex-husband unexpectedly shows up and stays at her place. The good doctor tries everything to keep the divorced duo apart because he fears they'll get back together if he doesn't intervene. When Chris doesn't take up her ex's invitation to Australia, Becker accuses her of staying in town for him, and she actually slaps him in her fury. Bob realizes that Jake's newly depressed status, after losing Amanda, is attractive to women, and decides to be as pathetic as possible to get a woman of his own, but he only ends up getting the phone number for a suicide hotline. Becker is psyched when he gets the coveted parking spot in front of his office, but his car gets towed when Linda forgets to feed the meter.

#22 Daydream Believer: Aired Sunday, April 20, 2003

Becker has a recurring dream that Chris comes to his door and kisses him passionately. After many nights of this, even Becker, king of denial that he is, has to admit that he probably harbors feelings for Chris. When Chris actually comes to his door late at night, he thinks it's another dream, but when she throws up on his carpet he realizes it's real and Chris is really sick. Becker's caring side finally comes out when he takes Chris to the hospital and learns she has appendicitis. Becker is overcome when, before going into surgery, Chris admits that she loves him. After spilling his feelings back to her, Becker realizes his mistake when a drugged up Chris tells the nurse, the orderly, and then a plant, that she loves them too. After Linda's purse is stolen and she gets into a car accident with a hot dog stand, Linda is worried that something awful is going to happen to her because bad things come in threes.

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