4th Season

#1 Psycho Therapy
#2 Breakfast of Chumpions
#3 Jake's Jaunt
#4 Dog Days
#5 Really Good Advice
#6 Get Me Out of Here
#7 Hanging with Jake
#8 Dinner and a Showdown
#9 The Buddy System
#10 The Ghost of Christmas Presents
#11 Another Tricky Day
#12 The Ex-Files
#13 Barter Sauce
#14 V-Day
#15 It Had to Be Ew
#16 Let's Talk About Sex
#17 Picture Imperfect
#18 Talking Points
#19 Too Much, Too Late
#20 Piece Talks
#21 Parannoyed
#22 MisSteaks
#23 Much Ado About Nothing
#24 Everybody Loves Becker

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#1 Psycho Therapy: Aired Monday, October 1, 2001

Becker is sent to a court-appointed therapist for anger counseling, but he ends up turning his sweet pushover of a therapist into a crazed vengeful woman yelling at people on the street. Jake thinks he's in heaven when he dates a girl who describes what she's doing to him in bed since he can't see her, but when she goes on to describe every little thing she does all the time he gets annoyed and dumps her. Linda gets a job offer somewhere else and uses it to leverage more pay from Becker... but all she gets is a pen.

#2 Breakfast of Chumpions: Aired Monday, October 8, 2001

Becker quits smoking but becomes addicted to nicotine gum. Becker complains about a guy blocking his car in by double-parking on his street, but the police ignore him. Becker buys charity tickets for a kids' pancake breakfast, and then show up at the breakfast and insists on eating pancakes with the kids. He also wins the kids' door prize, a children's bike. Becker rides his new bike to the store for nicotine gum, and damages a car in the process. Reggie thinks her good luck has been stolen by a happy rich couple that met in her diner. Linda goes on vacation but spends her vacation working in the office.

#3 Jake's Jaunt: Aired Monday, October 15, 2001

Jake shocks everyone when he marries a woman he met at a wedding twenty-four hours earlier. Bob cheats everyone out of the money that they put in to get Jake a wedding gift. Becker thinks he's found the perfect cheap wedding gift, but then ends up having to spend more than he ever imagined.

#4 Dog Days: Aired Monday, October 22, 2001

Becker keeps busting a homeless con man, Marty, who has been working the neighborhood with a variety of sob stories. Marty keeps coming up with a new version of the "truth," finally finagling a free physical out of Becker by claiming to have aortic stenosis. Finally, Marty admits that he's just a homeless guy who can't get his life together, and Becker and his friends give him even more money for food and a warm place to sleep... only to be horrified when Marty jumps into a cab to go to the race track. Bob experiments with panhandling, but realizes it's harder work than he thought. To make ends meet, Margaret takes on a second job being a home nurse, but she's surprised when her patient turns out to be a dog.

#5 Really Good Advice: Aired Monday, October 29, 2001

Becker goes on what he thinks was a good date with a girl named Beth, but when he tells Reggie that Beth had to leave early with a headache, Reggie laughs and tells Becker that that means Beth wasn't having a good time. Reggie advises Becker to be more sensitive and apologize more often, and after practicing this with some success on Margaret and a waitress, Becker decides to give it a try. On their second date, Beth is soon disgusted with the new sensitive apologetic Becker, and tells him that she liked him for his callousness and short temper before walking out on him. Becker is horrified and furious at Reggie. Jake and Bob both admire each other's jobs and decide to switch, but they're both soon disillusioned and eagerly switch back.

#6 Get Me Out of Here: Aired Monday, November 5, 2001

John injures his shoulder and gets claustrophobic in the MRI machine. He finally takes a valium to be able to handle it and when Reggie drives him home he makes a drugged-up ass of himself in front of her. Linda is dating twins. Jake's girlfriend is out of town and keeps calling to check up on him.

#7 Hanging with Jake: Aired Monday, November 12, 2001

Jake encounters a depressed man who is about to hang himself, so he takes him back to the diner to cheer him up. Jake, Bob and Reggie try desperately to cheer the suicidal guy up, but end up becoming depressed about their own lives. Becker learns that a patient's wife is pregnant by another man. Margaret and Linda eat all of Becker's chocolate.

#8 Dinner and a Showdown: Aired Monday, November 19, 2001

Reggie is talked into going out to dinner with annoying bakery Sara and her husband Richard, so she brings Becker along as her "boyfriend." After dinner, Becker is pissed because he didn't order very much but still had to pay for half the bill and Reggie is incredibly attracted to Richard. Reggie and Richard share a stolen kiss, and have lunch together the next day. Becker suggests another dinner get together so he can order a lot and only have to pay half the bill, but at dinner that night Sara catches on and orders a lot too. Reggie and Richard sneak off to talk, but Reggie realizes she doesn't want to steal someone's husband and tells him they can't see each other anymore. Linda tries to become more assertive but just gets Margaret angry.

#9 The Buddy System: Aired Monday, November 26, 2001

John believes he has found the perfect relationship after seeing Laura for several months. Their no-strings, no-pressure friendship is just right for him: it's filled with casual sex and Chinese food, and devoid of responsibility. Unfortunately for John, it's no longer ideal for Laura, and she breaks off their relationship when she finds someone else that shows more promise of a commitment. Bob finds a Super Bowl ring in the backseat of a cab and is excited about selling it... until he finds out it's a fake. It turns out that the ring belongs to Bob's cab driver, an ex-football player, and it was given to him by the Giants as a thanks for screwing up his own team the year the Giants won the Super Bowl. Linda spends all her time at work on the phone trying to talk her parents out of getting a divorce.

#10 The Ghost of Christmas Presents: Aired Monday, December 10, 2001

Bob spends a lovely Christmas with his mother at her retirement home and enjoys being treated like a kid even though he complains about it to his friends at the diner. Linda is horrified when both her parents, with respective boy toy and slutty girlfriend, tell her they're coming to visit for Christmas. Reggie talks Becker into giving a gift to a poor child who wrote a letter to Santa, and while Becker is stuck in traffic trying to deliver it, a stranger steals the gift. Becker thinks it's a miracle when he gets a thank you note from the poor child's mother, but it turns out that Margaret actually sent the gift, and the gift that was stolen from Becker's car was Margaret's gift to him.

#11 Another Tricky Day: Aired Monday, January 7, 2002

John's day is filled with wacky people, from two stoned boys who try to get a prescription for marijuana to a man who is upset when he learns that he isn't dying to a woman who won't stop washing her hair. Linda blames an astrological phenomenon that isn't even currently happening for all the wackiness. With help from Reggie, Jake hustles Bob at a game of Scrabble. Margaret tries to hunt down a rat who is terrorizing her in the office.

#12 The Ex-Files: Aired Monday, January 14, 2002

Reggie starts dating one of Becker's recently divorced friends but she can't stop obsessing about the guy's former wife. Becker's friends find out he was in a barbershop quartet in college and use the information to torture him.

#13 Barter Sauce: Aired Monday, January 28, 2002

John agrees to give free medical care to Bob, Reggie and Jake in exchange for repairs, food and magazines. Bob takes advantage of Becker, Becker takes advantage of Reggie, and Becker makes Jake sicker than he was. Margaret and Linda enjoy listening to answering machine messages from a psychotic woman who has the wrong number, but when John tells the woman that she's got the wrong number she becomes obsessed with Becker.

#14 V-Day: Aired Monday, February 4, 2002

A tuxedo-clad Becker is on his way to his ex-wife's wedding in Connecticut but misses his train, so he decides to stop in the train-station bar for awhile. After ordering three scotches, he begins to bend the unwilling bartender's ear about how Linda and Margaret forced him to go to the wedding even though he didn't want to, Jake is totally whipped by Amanda who originally said Valentine's Day wasn't important to her and then yelled at Jake when he believed her, Reggie, who is excited to receive romantic gifts from her Valentine's Day date but then misinterprets them and makes herself miserable, and Bob, who has been rejected at least ten times already and just wants to watch the Knicks game with Becker. When Becker complains about being all alone, Frank helps him realize that his friends are better than any wife a man could have.

#15 It Had to Be Ew: Aired Monday, February 25, 2002

For a moment, Becker thinks Jake's girlfriend Amanda might be attracted to him, but when he asks her and she says, "Ew," he finds himself worrying that he's no longer attractive to women. After obsessing for awhile, Becker asks Amanda what she meant, and she explains that it was just an icky thought that she be attracted to her boyfriend's best friend, not Becker personally. Linda thinks her job security is threatened by an efficient temp who is hired to work on the books. Linda scares off the temp by convincing her that Becker is a letch and Margaret is a drunk.

#16 Let's Talk About Sex: Aired Monday, March 4, 2002

A couple of cops try to use the diner for a stake-out, but Reggie, Jake and Bob annoy them so much that they almost end up missing their guy. Becker, to reach out to the community, goes to a grade school to talk to the kids about nutrition, but ends up answering their myriad of questions about sex. When the parents get up in arms about Becker giving their kids sex education without their permission, Becker gets angry instead of adequately defending himself. It's Linda who makes clear to the parents that Becker was just answering the questions their kids had, and that it was better that Becker didn't lie.

#17 Picture Imperfect: Aired Monday, March 11, 2002

Becker is excited when an article he wrote gets published in the New York Medical Review, but they print a picture of a fat, bald man instead of a picture of Becker. Becker goes down to the magazine to complain and the junior editor he speaks to, Wally, tells him that he printed the wrong picture on purpose because he hates Becker. Wally blames Becker for the fact that he didn't get into Harvard Medical School because he sat next to Becker during the test and Becker borrowed a pencil from him. Becker ruined Wally's concentration, and he ended up a row off on the little bubble answers, making him fail. Wally says he just wanted to humiliate Becker who is leading the life Wally should have had. Becker tells Wally how his life really isn't all that great, and Wally finally relents and tells Becker he'll reprint the article with the correct picture. Wally does so, but now the author's name is "Dr. John Pecker." Jakes loses his hearing when Amanda takes him to a loud heavy metal concert. Linda goes out with Arnoldo, the midget that brings that water bottles to the office. After their one date, Linda decides she isn't interested in Arnoldo, but when he dumps her the next time they see each other, she suddenly wants to date him again because he rejected her.

#18 Talking Points: Aired Monday, March 18, 2002

Bob becomes taken by a pretty environmentalist, and gives up eating meat and starts wearing Birkenstocks and going to protests. When he finally gets up the nerve to ask her out and she turns him down, he enthusiastically goes back to his old bad habits. Linda suspects Margaret of stealing her bracelet. Becker gives a patient with ALS the ability to speak with a machine, but the man's daughter is horrified when everything that comes out of his new mechanical mouth is mean and bitter. Becker counsels his patient not to ruin the little time he has left with his daughter.

#19 Too Much, Too Late: Aired Monday, April 15, 2002

Linda starts to think she knows more about medicine than Margaret or Becker when she saves a patient's life with the Heimlich manuever. Jake gets a letter from his sixth grade teacher with an old list of things he wanted to do as a kid, and he realizes he never did any of them. Reggie takes it upon herself to make sure that Jake accomplishes some of his childhood goals and almost kills him in the attempt.

#20 Piece Talks: Aired Monday, April 22, 2002

Reggie's diner is in danger of going under when her freezer breaks, but Bob enlists the services of a questionable friend, Lenny, to get Reggie a great deal on a new one. Lenny hits on Reggie, teases Jake for being blind, and generally makes a huge nuisance of himself, but everyone puts up with it for the new freezer. However, when Lenny threatens to kill the whole deal if Reggie doesn't have dinner with him, Bob finally stands up to his friend and tells him that's unacceptable. Meanwhile, with Reggie's diner out of commission, Margaret finds it increasingly difficult to order lunch for the office. John finds himself acting as a sex therapist for the Bennetts, an 80-year-old couple having problems in the bedroom because of Mr. Bennett's newly revived libido.

#21 Parannoyed: Aired Monday, April 29, 2002

Chris, who is new in town, starts hanging out at Reggie's diner, and Reggie, Jake and Bob are all entranced by her beauty, intelligence, kindness, and vast world experience. Becker's laundry, apartment and mail have all been tampered with, and he is sure that it's one of his neighbors out to get him. He confronts all his fellow tenants at a building meeting, but it turns out that all three acts of sabotage are his new neighbor, Chris's fault, and in each case she was trying to do something nice that just backfired. Linda counsels one of Becker's patients regarding her relationship with her daughter, and ends up also counseling Margaret regarding her similar past relationship with her mother.

#22 MisSteaks: Aired Monday, May 6, 2002

When Becker receives eight steaks in the mail from a grateful patient, his perky neighbor Chris decides that he should have a party. Becker fights her every step of the way, but she ends up throwing a party in his apartment with his steaks that quickly turns into a disaster when everyone bickers and the steaks fall off the fire escape. Becker asks Chris why she was so insistent about throwing the party, and she gives him a fake sob story to about spending nights crying in her apartment so that he'll say the party was worth it.

#23 Much Ado About Nothing: Aired Monday, May 13, 2002

Becker surprises everyone by missing Chris when she goes out of town. Even more surprising is Reggie's spark of jealousy when she realizes that Becker might have feelings for Chris. Reggie tries to talk about her feelings with Becker, but Becker is clueless and Reggie can't get the words out. Jake worries about a customer's relationship with his wife, but the customer actually comes out the closet, inspired by Jake and Bob's model relationship. Linda sublets her job to a girl who actually manages to do less work than Linda did.

#24 Everybody Loves Becker: Aired Monday, May 20, 2002

Becker slowly realizes he has feelings for Chris, but tries to deny them. She reads him like a book, tells him she has feelings back, and kisses him. He stumbles to Reggie's diner for a cigarette and tells Reggie what happened. Reggie further complicates his life by giving him a big kiss of her own. Linda takes Margaret out and gets her drunk. The next day Margaret is useless at the office, and is impressed when Linda picks up the slack.

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