#1 Point of Contact
#2 Imm-Oral Fixations
#3 Cyrano De-Beckerac
#4 Linda Quits
#5 My Boyfriend's Back
#6 Shovel Off to Buffalo
#7 He Said, She Said
#8 Stumble in the Bronx
#9 Hate Thy Neighbor
#10 Pain in the Aspirin
#11 Blind Curve
#12 Santa on Ice
#13 The Hypocratic Oath
#14 The Rumor
#15 All the Rage
#16 Old Yeller
#17 The Roast that Ruined Them
#18 For Whom the Toll Calls
#19 The Bearer of Bad Tidings
#20 One Angry Man
#21 Sight Unseen
#22 Crosstalk
#23 Cooked
#24 Panic on the 86th

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Co-executive producer Ian Gurvitz, Co-executive producer Russ Woody, Producer Michael Markowitz, Producer Andy Ackerman, Produced by Tim Berry

#1 Point of Contact: Aired Monday, September 20, 1999

After Becker saves a woman from choking in Reggie's diner, he gets weirded out when she bakes him cookies, knits him mittens, and keeps blessing him and telling him that God sent him to save her. When he starts seeing in at his dry-cleaner and his drug store, he really believes that she's stalking him. Becker has to take Reggie and Jake out to dinner, because he lost a bet that there was a Betty in the Flintstones vitamins (there isn't). At dinner, Becker has to step away, and Reggie and Jake start to worry when the weird woman shows up at the restaurant. Then they overhear that she's a nun. Becker comes back, sees her, and starts yelling at her in the restaurant to leave him alone. He is, of course, severely embarassed when the monisgnor she's meeting for dinner shows up and asks the "sister" if there's a problem.

#2 Imm-Oral Fixations: Aired Monday, September 27, 1999

Becker gets a wake-up call when he meets a smoking guy with no larynx, and quits smoking. One of Reggie's friends from her modeling days comes into town and recounts how when she quit smoking, the only way she could get through it was by having sex. So Becker has sex with her for the four days she's in town, but when she leaves he goes right back to smoking. Reggie's friend is a wake-up call for Reggie as well, reminding her how unsucessful her life is, and making her think about finishing college.

#3 Cyrano De-Beckerac: Aired Monday, October 4, 1999

As Reggie is constantly telling Becker how little he knows about women, Becker finds himself in the unique position of giving secret advice to one of his patients about how to date Reggie. Reggie keeps raving about her dates, and ragging on Becker, as he secretly gloats. After the third date, Becker is ready to gloat publicly to Reggie, but first Reggie says how overly planned the dates were and what a loser her date is. Becker slinks away without saying anything, and then Reggie admits to Jake that her date told her he'd been getting advice from his doctor, John Becker. Reggie gloats that she has a great guy, and made Becker think he was wrong: the best of both worlds. Becker overhears and gloats that he was right. Linda volunteers her time as a big sister, and gets treated terribly by her little sis.

#4 Linda Quits: Aired Monday, October 11, 1999

Linda is screwing up more than usual around the office, and after Becker and Margaret yell at her, she quits. They hire a new, very competent, assistant, but find out she has a little problem with sexual addiction and have to fire her. Margaret says that she misses Linda, and convinces Becker that they need her back. Becker goes to Linda's incredibly nice apartment (her parents bought it for her) and asks her to come back, which she agrees to do. The folks in the diner are trying to figure out why this old man keeps wandering around outside, and finally Becker gets frustrated and brings him in and asks him. He tells a sob story about losing his job, and wanting to talk to his dead wife, and then when he leaves everyone realizes they're missing their wallets and watches.

#5 My Boyfriend's Back: Aired Monday, October 18, 1999

Reggie begins dating the most popular guy at her old high school, until he gets arrested for embezzling. Becker's old research partner from Harvard gets rich on an anti-wrinkle cream and Becker is understandably jealous. Linda adopts the bum that hangs out in the doorway of the office.

#6 Shovel Off to Buffalo: Aired Monday, October 25, 1999

Becker is supposed to give a speech in Chicago, and gets sent two tickets so that he can bring his wife. Reggie takes the extra ticket to visit a friend. Bad weather grounds their plane in Buffalo, N.Y., just as Becker's valium wears off, leaving the cantankerous duo with nothing to do but complain. Becker ends up blackmailing the CEO of the airline just to get them to a gate. Margaret and Linda take a day for themselves in the office while Becker's out of town. Jake realizes that Bob is an incredible cook, and they run the diner while Reggie's out of town.

#7 He Said, She Said: Aired Monday, November 1, 1999

A woman named Nicky is in town from L.A., and tracks down Becker telling him that she has regards from his old friend Chuck. They hang out, talk about Chuck, and hit it off. Nicky then tells Reggie that she actually IS Chuck, and she had a sex change. Then she tries to tell Becker, and he kicks her out of his apartment. Reggie goes to talk to Becker about it, and encourages him to talk to Nicky. Becker patches things up with his old friend. Margaret is upset about a friend to whom she leant $20 three years ago who hasn't yet paid her back.

#8 Stumble in the Bronx: Aired Monday, November 8, 1999

Becker's bad day, when it seems everyone in his life needs his help with something, just gets worse when he gets accidently shot in the shoulder during an argument between two motorists. Becker hates being in the hospital and makes everyone around him just as miserable as he is. He leaves the hospital even though his doctor tells him he shouldn't and he could bleed to death in twenty minutes.

#9 Hate Thy Neighbor: Aired Monday, November 15, 1999

Becker is finally released from the hospital, but is stuck at home, and his neighbors are driving him nuts. When his doctor, Elizabeth, stops by and tells him that she's romantically interested in him, he is shocked. He has her over for dinner, and tries to be a model date, but on Jake's advice he has written notes to all his annoying neighbors, and they burst in on his dinner to tell him off. He tells Elizabeth that he can't pretend to be someone he's not, and she kisses him. Margaret and Linda go through a string of substitute doctors at the office.

#10 Pain in the Aspirin: Aired Monday, November 22, 1999

Becker goes through Elizabeth's purse when she's in the bathroom, and amongst other things finds a tin of aspirin. Later, when his should is bothering him, he asks for some aspirin and is surprised when she says she doesn't have any. He stresses about this incident, bother everyone around him with it, while they all focus on the fact that he went through her purse. Meanwhile, he's being incredibly rude to Margaret while she's trying to make his transition back to the office as easy as she can for him. She finally blows up at him, telling him that he's lousy with personal relationships, which makes Becker realize that Reggie was right when she told him that he was blowing the whole aspirin thing out of proportion because he was scared by his growing relationship with Elizabeth. He decides to let the whole thing go until Elizabeth is at his apartment and needs an aspirin and goes to his filing cabinet to get one of his. He confronts her about the tin in her purse. She tells him she uses the convenient tin for allergy pills. She asks him how he knew about it. He asks her how she knew where he kept his aspirin. They're both busted for going through eachother's things.

#11 Blind Curve: Aired Monday, November 29, 1999

Jake's old best friend Chris, the guy who was driving the car during the accident when Jake lost his sight, comes back into Jake's life asking for forgiveness. Jake can't forgive Chris, but after talking to Becker he realizes he can at least take some of he blame himself. Margaret doesn't want to go on her annual trip in a trailer with her friends from nursing school, so Linda concocts a lie about Margaret's husband having multiple personality disorder.

#12 Santa on Ice: Aired Monday, December 13, 1999

Reggie tries to carry on an old tradition from when her father was alive of getting her Christmas tree downtown, but is frustrated when her tree is destroyed in transport. Becker, determined to spend Christmas alone, is reminded of the meaning of the holiday when he ends up spending it identifying a patient dressed as Santa in the morgue. Linda and Margaret exchange secret santa presents, and while Margaret gets Linda an alarm clock so she'll get to work on time, Linda remembers how much Margaret loved her grandmother's shawl, so she calls Margaret's sister, gets her to describe the shawl, takes a knitting class, and spends six months knitting Margaret an identical shawl. Once again, Bob shows off his culinary skills, cooking the food for Reggie's Christmas party. Reggie, before leaving for Connecticut for the holidays, brings Becker her tree.

#13 The Hypocratic Oath: Aired Monday, January 10, 2000

Chaos takes over the office when Margaret has to take a day off for a reading of a will. Reggie tries to prove that she's not too old to be attractive to a college boy.

#14 The Rumor: Aired Monday, January 17, 2000

When Becker makes a few changes to his diet and starts jogging to bring his cholesterol down, rumors start flying that he has a fatal illness. Margaret refuses to jump on the bandwagon until she sees that Becker is revising his will, and overhears a part of a phone conversation out of context. Reggie goes over to talk to Becker and tells him about how upset she was when her father was sick and didn't tell her. Then she realizes that Becker is not dying at all, and everyone is relieved and yet pissed off as well.

#15 All the Rage: Aired Monday, February 7, 2000

After he verbally assaults to police officer, Becker is arrested and sentenced to anger management class. He thinks the whole thing is crap until he finds himself verbally assaulting a handicapped man. After that, he seriously wants to reform, but finds it impossible. On his last day of class, Becker fails his surprise final exam when he rages about not having a chair to sit in. Bob gets kicked out of his mother's rest-home where he's been living, and ends up staying with Linda at the gorgeous apartment that her parents bought for her. He drives her nuts, and she comes close to kicking him out, but they come to an agreement and end up roommates.

#16 Old Yeller: Aired Monday, February 14, 2000

A series of events, including having to re-take the driving test, makes Becker feel old. When his car is declared not road-worthy by a New York policeman, and one of his patients says that his wife is making him sell his motorcycle, Becker buys the motorcycle. Of course, he doesn't even know how to ride it, and injures himself just playing with it in his apartment. Margaret convinces him to get rid of it and grow old gracefully. Jake and Reggie debate over what they would do for a million dollars.

#17 The Roast that Ruined Them: Aired Monday, February 21, 2000

Becker's girlfriend, Liz, says she'd like to actually socialize with other people for once, and convinces Becker to host a dinner party that she prepares at his apartment. Of all Becker's friends, only Reggie shows up with her college-student date Brad, and an ex-con who's suing Becker also gets accidentally invited. The dinner party is a complete disaster, but Liz actually gets Becker to apologize for his role in causing it. Reggie realizes Brad is way too young for her when he tells her he's still a virgin, and she breaks up with him. Margaret tries to get Linda to use her extra time at the office to learn something, but when Linda pesters Margaret with never-ending questions, Margaret tells Linda to go back to wasting her time.

#18 For Whom the Toll Calls: Aired Monday, February 28, 2000

Becker gets screwed by the phone company for a phone call to Chico, California that he didn't make. Even though it's only $11, he fights them on the principal. Linda is sick of Bob living with her, so she buys him inspirational tapes and tries to get him a job. He blows the job interview by asking for an unreasonable amount of money and a company car. Reggie is upset that she wasn't invited to a high school friend's wedding until she finds out that the friend is marrying one of Reggie's ex-boyfriends.

#19 The Bearer of Bad Tidings: Aired Monday, March 20, 2000

Linda's friend Lynda gets dumped by her boyfriend, and moons around Becker's office crying and wailing. Becker is covering for Dr. Heisman who is on vacation. All of the patients of this other doctor compare Margaret infavorably to her counterpart at Dr. Heisman's office, Elaine. One of Dr. Heisman's patients passes away, so it falls to Becker to inform the family. Due to the chaos caused by Linda and Lynda, Becker ends up leaving the bad news on an answering machine. So Becker goes out to Long Island to apologize and explain to the family in person, but ends up going to the wrong address and ruining a young boy's birthday party by telling him his grandfather is dead. Reggie and Jake feud over food and magazines.

#20 One Angry Man: Aired Monday, April 10, 2000

Becker, after advising Linda on how to get out of jury duty, gets trapped into jury duty himself. All he wants is to be released back to his life, and he figures out that if he actually gets on a case, he'll get out sooner. However, as soon as the lawyers hear that he's a doctor and is currently reading a book on law ethics, he can't seem to get accepted to any jury. He ends up getting addicted to "The Young and the Restless" and being totally disgusted by the way the judicial system works. Meanwhile, Bob gives Jake a seeing-eye-dog with a smelly intestinal disorder, and Margaret harasses Reggie into adding chickory to her coffee, seriously improving business at the diner.

#21 Sight Unseen: Aired Monday, May 1, 2000

Becker treats a man who cut his hand on the job while working at the garage down the street. His co-worker comes into the doctor's office with him for moral support, but it turns out that these tough auto-mechanics are actually lovers. Margaret is frustrated by an old woman she has been caring for for months who is always mean to her, but really nice to Linda and Becker. She doesn't understand when the old woman just flat-out tells Margaret that she doesn't like her. Jake goes out on a date with a woman he meets at his newsstand, and doesn't find out until dinner that she's blind as well. He contemplates breaking up with her even though he had a good time on the date, because he always imagined himself married to someone who could see, but he decides to put his preconceptions aside and calls her for another date. All is going well, until she finds out he's black and breaks up with him because she never imagined herself married to a black man.

#22 Crosstalk: Aired Monday, May 8, 2000

During a routine check-up, Becker discovers a potentially life-threatening abnormality in one of his patients. Becker ends up debating the virtues of religion with the patient's priest, Father Joe, who also turns out to be the patient's brother. Reggie, Jake and Bob try their luck at online investing. Linda is entertained by the funny-sounding name of a disease while she's computerizing the office records.

#23 Cooked: Aired Monday, May 15, 2000

Liz tells Becker that she's gotten an incredible job offer, and when Becker tries to be sensitive and say he'll miss her, she says she might decide to stay in New York. Becker finds himself terrified that he's trapped himself into a committment, but both he and Liz are relieved when she tells him that she took the job. Although Becker says he's happy with her decision, he seems a bit blue. Becker and Margaret are both trying to avoid a tenacious woman who has trouble with the definitions of clear liquid and heavy machinery. Linda is dating an ex-con who keeps lying to her about how he came into $30,000, but when she finally disbelieves his most unbelievable story, that he found a bag of money on the street, it turns out to be true.

#24 Panic on the 86th: Aired Monday, May 22, 2000

When Reggie gets an A on her psychology exam, she decides to celebrate by going out in Manhattan with Linda and Margaret. They go to the top of the Empire State Building, but Margaret has a fear of heights and takes off, and then Linda leaves to go clubbing, so Reggie ends up talking to the security guard. When she finds out that the guard has a degree in psychology, she starts to have a panic attack. Meanwhile, Becker is sick of everyone asking if he's okay now that Liz has left town, and meets a friendly hooker from his building who comes by his apartment when she cuts her hand. The security guard calls Becker to come help Reggie and he comes running. He talks her down from her panic and then gives her a much-needed hug in the most romantic spot in New York (according to the passing tour guide).

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