Synopsis of Jake's Jaunt

Jake shocks everyone when he marries a woman he met at a wedding twenty-four hours earlier. The gang comes together to buy the happy new couple a wedding present of champagne flutes and an ice bucket, but Bob decides to take everyone's money and get Montana meat instead. Reggie yells at him, and he returns the meat, but at the celebration he tells Jake and his new wife, Amanda, that he got them a star. Reggie and Margaret are furious, but when Jake and Amanda express their gratitude for the original gift, they proudly take credit.

Becker decides not to go in on the group gift, and instead gets a knock-off expensive clock from a couple of weasly twins that come into his office, and makes himself look good by passing it off as an original. By this time, however, Jake and Amanda's relationship is unraveling, and they're fighting and making up over and over again. In a fight during their own celebration, Amanda breaks the clock, and Becker then has to go get them a real one so they don't try to "take it back" and get it fixed. Becker gives Jake the clock just in time for Jake to tell him that he and Amanda got an annulment. Becker tells Jake how stupid it was to get married to such a psycho-bitch in the first place, and Jake tells Becker that he and Amanda are still very much in love and still seeing each other, just not married. Becker thinks he should get his clock back. He goes over to Jake's place to apologize for saying bad things about Amanda... and to get his clock back. Luckily, Jake offers Becker the clock. Becker is about to leave when Amanda comes back and says that Becker shouldn't take his clock. She and Jake fight about the clock, and then head to the bedroom to make-up... with the clock. Becker busts in on them to get his clock back.

Reggie calls out Bob on having taken their money and not bought a star at all. Bob admits he bet the money on a losing horse and lost it. Reggie asks for her fifty bucks back. Bob pays her, but asks her to keep the secret from Margaret, Linda and Jake, since they're all happy about the star. Reggie can't believe how underhanded Bob is, but says for $100 she'll do it.

Linda thinks one of the twins is hot, but Margaret can't figure out why one would be cuter than the other since they're identical as far as she can tell.

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