Quotes from Dinner and a Showdown

Sara: Richard, the kids and I spent five glorious days in Bermuda. That's an island.
Jake: Yes, filled with white people longing to be brown.

Bob: Oh, look, the baby whales come right up on the beach.
Sara: Those are my children.
Bob: No way! I mean, cute kids.

Reggie: Look, Becker, I'm grasping at straws here. I'm dateless and I'm desperate.
Becker: You know, add "easy" and "lonely," stick it in the Village Voice, I'll bet you scare up someone.

Reggie: If I have to beg, I will.
Becker: All right, let's see what you got.

Reggie: Oh, don't be such a hard-ass.
Becker: I said no nick-names!

Richard: Your boyfriend's very nice.
Reggie: Oh, well, he's not...
Richard: Not what? Not nice or not your boyfriend.
Reggie: Well, neither, actually.

Jake: Reg, you know that after eating you'll want to stretch your legs which leads to taking a walk which leads to your apartment which leads to sex.
Reggie: Fine. Maybe I'll just meet him for dessert.
Jake: Bad idea. You'll eat too much which leads to feeling fat which leads to changing clothes which leads to sex.
Reggie: Coffee?
Jake: Coffee! Coffee breath. Mint. *something something* Sex!
Reggie: Can we meet for water?
Jake: Water?! Why don't you just do it in the street?

Reggie: We talked.
Jake: Did you talk about the fact that he's married?
Reggie: Every relationship has obstacles.

Becker: Don't bother me with logic, I'm workin' off of spite here. Wear something roomy.

Becker: Not everything I ate tonight really likes everything else I ate tonight.

Becker: You did the right thing.
Reggie: Good for me, I get to curl up with my conscience tonight.

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