Quotes from The Ghost of Christmas Presents

Linda: I'm gonna go out shopping and then curl up in front of a roaring fire with this great new guy.
Margaret: What new guy?
Linda: I don't know, that's what I'm shopping for.

Becker: I don't want to alarm anybody, but there's a naked guy standing out there wearing nothing but a Santa hat.
Margaret: Count your blessings, he used to be standing in here.

Becker: We need more patients like that at Christmas: calm, not going crazy, just taking the holiday in stride....
Margaret: You mean kids?
Becker: No. Jews.

Becker: Why do I have to go out to Queens? This is the Bronx. I could throw this out a window and hit a poor kid!

Bob: A cigarette? Are you crazy? You can't smoke in here, that's an oxygen tank.
Bob's mom: Relax, it's not lit. But if they ever tell me I have five minutes to live I don't want to waste it looking for a cigarette.

Bob: It's perfume. The saleswoman at the store said it gets rid of that old lady smell.

Becker: Oh, come on, lady, put your finger away. It's Christmas.

Linda: Was there a star burning in the East?
Becker: No. But there was a Buick on fire... in the Eastbound lane.

Becker: What was it?
Margaret: Did you open it?
Becker: No.
Margaret: Then it was a very expensive watch.

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