Season 2, Episode 14: The Rumor

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Written by Earl Pomerantz, Directed by Andy Ackerman

Special appearance by Saverio Guerra as Bob (weird, he wasn't actually in credits, although he was in the episode)

Guest starring
Vasili Bogazianos as Dr. Axelrod
Steven M. Porter as Mr. Mann
Aixa Clemente as Mrs. Segundo
Jeremiah Morris as Mr. Foreman
Edith Varon as Mrs. Trey


Becker: "My tests show slightly elevated cholesterol."
Dr. Axelrod: "Yeah, and you know what that means."
Becker: "Yeah, I'm filled with buttery goodness."
Dr. Axelrod: "You know the drill: reduce fat, cut out the cigarettes."
Becker: "Those are my two favorite food groups."

Reggie to Becker: "Fruit?! You don't eat fruit. You hate fruit."

Linda to Bob: "You know, I don't like that kind of talk. Well, I do, but not from you."

Linda: "Let's make a promise right now. Let's promise that we'll look for each other in heaven."
Margaret: "Linda, I spend half my life looking for you now. That is now how I plan to spend eternity."

Becker: "Too many people know where I live."

Margaret: "Damn you, John Becker, the next time nothing is wrong the least you can do is let me know!"

Becker: "Too many people know where I eat."

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