Season 1, Episode 9: Choose Me


"Who the hell is this guy? The president? Does he have the launch codes or something? I mean, how inflated does your ego have to be to think that the earth's gonna spin off its axis if you miss a call? Frankly, I'd pay extra for a device that would make it harder for the world to find me." -Becker
"I bet the world would pitch in and buy it for you too." -Reggie

"I've got something you both want. This is gonna be fun." -Reggie

"John, you are the only guy I know that when I offer to play doctor, really wants to play doctor." -Julie

"Did you notice it smells like cabbage out there?" -Margaret
"Yeah, it's the old couple down the hallway. Either they cook sauerkraut every night or they've been dead since Tuesday." -Becker


Written by Marsha Myers, Directed by Andy Ackerman

Guest starring Saverio Guerra as Bob, Benjamin Ratner as Mr. Hernick, Colleen Quinn as Dr. Julie Yates. Co-starring Daran W. Norris as Man.


In the diner, Becker is going over the case of a lethargic patient whom he is having trouble diagnosing. A man finds out on his cell phone that his wife just went into labor. Reggie gives him his meal on the house, and as he rushes out, he he gives her his hockey tickets for the Rangers/Flyers game this Friday since he figures he can no longer use them. Both Jake and Becker are desperate to go to the game that has been sold-out forever, and Reggie is amused that she has something they both want.

Linda wants to do patient check-ins. Margaret says she can't. Linda asks if it would be okay if Dr. Becker says it's okay. Margaret is sure Dr. Becker won't think it's okay so she says yes. Becker walks, and Linda asks him, and he says yeah, sure, if Margaret said it was okay. Linda goes away excited. Margaret points out to Becker what he just told Linda. Becker realizes he doesn't want Linda doing that at all. Margaret is frustrated because she always has to be the bad guy when it comes to Linda.

Becker calls a doctor friend of his, Julie, regarding the lethargic patient. She thinks he's calling about sex, but he really wants her to consult on this case.

Jake is wiping down the counter to please Reggie so she'll take him to the game. Reggie says he'll have to do better than that. The high-school nerd from Reggie's past, Bob (who always speaks about himself in the third person) returns to terrorize her, and she finally remembers who he is (the guy that spent high school hanging upside-down with his head in the toilet). Bob leave and Becker comes in. Reggie asks if he's here to grovel for the ticket, and he says he has no such intentions. He wonders why she would ever consider taking a blind guy to hockey game anyway.

Becker is at home and Julie comes over. She really thought he was calling about sex. He assures her he had a real case. She still wants to have sex. They start to undress, but he's having trouble getting the case off his mind. Finally she relents and they look at the file.

Margaret relents and lets Linda do a check-in. She checks in Mr. Hernick, the patient suffering from lethargy and now stomach pains as well. She does an okay job, although she gets a little talkative and sometime forgets what she's doing. Becker comes in and Mr. Hernick tells him that he's starting to get worried, and that the lethargy is affecting his whole life: work and marriage. Becker says they're going to nail it, as soon as they figure out what it is.

Jake tells Reggie how beautiful she is after feeling her face. She says he's still not getting the hockey ticket. Becker comes in and makes half-hearted attempt to flatter her (and wants to get a cigarette) and leaves. Bob jumps out of the phone booth, telling her that his family is out of town and "Bob is available for hockey." Reggie can't believe he's serious. He suggest perhaps apres hockey in a bubble-bath. She shudders with revulsion.

Margaret comes by Becker's apartment with Mr. Hernick's test results. Still all normal. Becker can't figure out what he's missing.

Linda notices that "her" patient still had a tan after being back from Bermuda for six weeks and working indoors in a bank. Becker realizes that's what he's been missing! Hyper-pigmentation is a sure sign of Addison's disease.

It's one hour to the hockey game. Reggie can't decide, so she leaves the ticket with Jake and Becker and tells them to surprise her. They are indignant that she is playing them off each other, and so they decide to go out to dinner together. Bob comes running in to look for Reggie, and Becker and Jake give him the ticket, telling him that Reggie is looking forward to meeting him there.