Season 1, Episode 19: Truth and Consequences


"I'm Lester, from Rid-Tox." -Lester
"I'm Linda, from here." -Linda

"I started dating a younger woman. She's sixty-five." -Mr. Gordon
"And her parents are okay with that?" -Becker

"So you knew John as a kid, huh?" -Jake
"Let me ask you a question...." -Reggie
"Exactly the same, he just bitched in a higher voice." -Berry

"Good, Becker, killing your pain with cigarettes." -Reggie
"Hey, how many times do I gotta tell you? You kill pain with liquor, you ease stress with cigarettes. You don't have to be a doctor to know this stuff." -Becker

"What people want from their sex is pretty much what they want from their clothes: better quality and more attention to detail." -Becker

"You are a very very attractive woman." -Becker
"You're just being nice." -Melissa
"You know me. I wouldn't do that." -Becker


Written by Marsha Myers, Directed by Leonard R. Garner, Jr.

Guest starring Richard Schiff as Berry, Marvin Kaplan as Mr. Gordon, Melinda Gilb as Melissa, Matt Battaglia as Lester