Season 1, Episode 18: Saving Harvey Cohen

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Written by Eric Cohen, Directed by Andy Ackerman

Guest starring Saverio Guerra as Bob, Lance Guest as Dr. Harvey Cohen

Co-starring Valerie Curtin as Ms. Russell, Christopher Michael Moore as Mr. Bursky, Cleo King as Mrs. Davis, Sheri Goldner as woman


"Dr. Becker, do you we ever acknowledge our patients' birthdays?" -Linda
"Only when they stop having them." -Becker

"Tell me, what's she look like?" -Jake
"Reg? Well, she has days she puts herself together you don't look away in fear." -Becker

"What is it with guys tearing clothes off? Don't you ever dream of unbuttoning clothes and neatly folding them over a chair?" -Reggie

"I spoke to the travel agent. What do you think about a cruise?" -Margaret
"Oh, great idea. A bunch of people I don't know doing things I can't stand in a place I can't escape from." -Becker
"I've got a place you can go." -Margaret

"Doc." -Bob
"Dork." -Becker

"Exactly what's wrong with the cat?" -Margaret
"Aw, he needs surgery. He's got a blockage in his intestinal track. Probably my wallet." -Becker

"Harvey Cohen, that oven mitt with a pulse." -Becker

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