Season 1, Episode 14: Larry Spoke


"So I'm in traffic, right? That moron is sitting in the car in front of me with his finger jammed up his nose. The light turns green, he doesn't move. Like it's too complicated for him to work his foot and his finger at the same time." -Becker

"Larry is God's first name." -Boyd

"You wanna know what's wrong with religion? Religion is supposed to be about people being nice to each other, but frankly I don't see a lot of that. You know what I do see, is I see a lot of people using the good book to say that they're morally superior. I see people building TV stations to bilk grandma out of her pension checks, all in the name of God. How about all those God-fearing people who are killing other God-fearing people because they don't fear God the same way?" -Becker


Written by Russ Woody, Directed by Andy Ackerman

Guest starring Steven Wright as Boyd, Mary-Joan Negro as Virginia Arras, Nathan Davis as Milton Fowler. Co-starring Melba Englander as Nurse, Tony Rosselli as Guy.