Season 1, Episode 11: Scriptus Interruptus


"I've already been hit on by a junkie, two bums and a hooker. Always nice to a see a family working together though, isn't it?" -Becker

"Why do women always have to scream when they're surprised?! Can't you just clutch your heart and drop dead like a man?" -Becker

"The best part: I'm not even the bad guy. I'm just a poor blind guy who loves his cat. Suddenly I'm hungry. Perhaps I'll have some cake... and eat it too." -Jake

"All men are not evil. It's only a few. All men are not evil.... It's only a few." -Reggie

"I just lay there in my bed, fondling her toothbrush." -Jake
"That's romantic... in a non-hygienic sort of way." -Reggie


Written by Ian Gurvitz, Directed by Andy Ackerman.

Guest starring Elya Baskin as Alexei, Vincent Gustaferro as Benny, Josie Divincenzo as Maria, Kenna Ramsey as Amy