Season 1, Episode 10: P.C. World


"I don't care if your taste in music is M.C. Rap Daddy Dog whatever. just don't force me to listen to it." -Becker

"How sick do you have to be to go to that guy?" -Tetzloff

"Y'know, everytime I think God can't screw me any worse, he pulls out the ol' Black & Decker and twists a little harder." -Becker
"Interesting. You're being persecuted by a God you don't believe in." -Margaret
"That's why he's after me, Margaret." -Becker

"John, opinions are like butts. Everyone's got one, but you don't want to see your's in the newspaper." -Margaret

"Y'know? All right. I don't like rap music. Is that okay with you? Y'know, I don't like polka music either, but I like Polish sausage. I hate Chinese checkers, but I love french fries. I hate Belgian waffles, love German Shepards, can't stand English muffins. Here's a real puzzler: hate Danish cheese, love cheese danish." -Becker

"Let me tell you one more thing I don't like. You. And not because of where you come from, I just don't like you. And you know something? You're free not to like me either, as long as you do it for the right reasons, and if you don't like that you can kiss my ass." -Becker


Written by Michael Markowitz, Directed by Jeff Melman

Guest starring Michael Markowitz as Phil Morrison, Robert Joy as Tetzloff, Earl Billings as Mr. Kimsey, Damon Standifer as Mr. Williams, Camille Saviola as Mrs. Corigliani. Co-starring Suzanne Kent as Mrs. Gelman, Phil Nee as Mr. Chu, David Paul Francis as Cabbie.